• I provide individual and group nutrition counseling for adults and adolescents with a variety of eating disorders including anorexia-nervosa, bulimia-nervosa, binge-eating disorder, orthorexia-nervosa, and more.

  • I conduct nutrition assessments, including anthropometric evaluations, body composition analysis, interpretation of lab values, screening for food-drug interactions, and evaluation of nutrient needs based on disease state.

  • I create individualized meal plans that regulate eating patterns, normalize metabolism, restore the body to it's ideal weight, and eliminate symptoms of malnutrition.

  • I teach my clients how to properly nourish themselves, harness the power of mindful eating, and find the confidence to confront their fear foods so they may live a life full of freedom and enjoyment.

MEAL Support and more

  • I provide 1-on-1 and group support from beginning to end of your meal. Each meal is individualized to meet your needs, both physically and mentally. The main goal is increased knowledge, comfort, and confidence surrounding meal time.

  • I also provide meal prep sessions, which offer examples of balanced and properly portioned meals, basic cooking skills, planning, and structure around meal-time.


  • I am now available for guest lectures and group education specializing in eating disorders and mindful eating in the NYC area.