Hi, I’m Karen! I am a Registered Dietitian living in wild and wonderful New York City. I am currently part of the team at Monte Nido Manhattan as well as in private nutrition practice at Integrated Eating. I specialize in individual and group nutrition counseling for adults and adolescents with eating disorders, as well as group and individual meal support. I believe that mindful eating, body awareness, and self-compassion are powerful tools on the road to recovery. I hold a safe space for you to develop these skills and experience holistic healing from disordered eating and other food, body image, and weight-related concerns.

For more about Integrated Eating please visit: http://www.integratedeating.com/ 


My journey in dietetics started at Florida State University, where I received Bachelor Degrees in both Exercise Science and Dietetics. I then went on to receive my Master’s Degree in Nutrition from East Carolina University while working as a counselor at Tapestry, a residential eating disorder treatment facility located in the hills of beautiful North Carolina. I am also a registered yoga teacher, passionate foodie, and music lover. 

My Philosophy

I believe food plays two very important roles in life. It most certainly has a functional role- it gives us energy, keeps our brains functioning, and maintains our bodies. This role is the main focus of a classical nutrition education, and what typical dietitians concentrate on. But then there is the emotional role food has in our lives. Food can evoke very powerful emotions. It is a means by which we identify ourselves. It has a cultural aspect, a social aspect, and a spiritual aspect. We use it to celebrate, we use it to mourn. It brings us together, brings joy into our lives, and unfortunately sometimes it may even bring distress.

My philosophy is that the ideal diet fulfills both of these roles in a positive way. I believe that we should eat a wide variety of nutrient dense foods to keep our physical bodies well, but we must also incorporate foods that if for no other reason, just bring us joy. My goal is to empower and educate my clients so they may achieve this balance and have an effortlessly beautiful relationship with food.